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Bloggers, freelancers, copywriters, authors, and fellow word nerds…

Look, I know what it’s like.

Wanting so badly to make a living from the comfort of your home that you’re willing to do almost anything to get there. You’re desperate to find that magic bullet that will solve all your problems and free you from your 9-5.

Like you, I love writing. It’s freeing. It’s creative. It’s my superpower.

But also like you, I struggled to figure out how to make a living from it.

Is it really possible to make money with my words? To make money doing something I LOVE?

I’m here to tell you yes, yes it is.

I also have bad news, though: there is no magic bullet.

Sad, I know.

But if this is truly your passion, you CAN make it happen.

You just need some business know-how, an action plan, maybe a mentor, and definitely some serious fucking tenacity.

I can’t give you tenacity, but the rest? I’ve got you covered.

I’m Erin Sanchez, and it’s my mission to help tenacious, kickass women stop punching a time clock and start living more purposeful, joy-filled lives.

It’s basically my civic duty.

And I’m guessing YOU’RE here because…

Well, I’m glad you found me.

So, you l-o-v-e writing, and imagine spending your days with a pen in one hand and coffee or tea in the other, snuggled up at home and making money off your words. Or maybe you prefer writing from the beach, or a cabin in the woods.

You have BIG dreams for your online business, but…

…you feel like you’re just spinning your wheels

…the months are passing you by while you try in vain to get your business off the ground

…you’ve stopped and started and pivoted your business idea more times than you can count

…a life of financial freedom and location independence feels like it’s possible for everyone but YOU

I know how it feels—believe me. I spent FIVE UNPRODUCTIVE YEARS in that dark, depressing place. But the good news is, I managed to climb out of it.

And you can, too!

YOU: A cubicle dweller yearning to escape your 9-to-5 and live the entrepreneurial lifestyle you were MADE for, but don’t know where to start

ME: A cubicle escapee who loves helping other women realize their full potential, build awesome businesses, and live life on their terms


You know you were meant to do more and be more, but feel lost and hopeless about turning your dream of writing or blogging into a viable business. Ugh, I feel you. But don’t stress. I’m here to help you identify your obstacles and kick those bastards to the curb.

I help ambitious women flee the 9-5, make money writing, and live life on their terms.

Do you know EXACTLY what your business stands for and who it serves?

Without using Google, can you list at least 3 of your competitors?

Can you explain your business to a stranger in 30 seconds?

Do you consistently get in front of your ideal clients? 

Or does all of this seem a bit foggy?


If you’re having trouble answering these questions, it’s time to pause for a hot second. Without getting these cornerstones in place, you risk wasting a lot of time, energy, and money. You’re simply spinning your wheels. I can help you gain the traction you need to finally achieve the results you desire and deserve.


…having a brand so strong and so clear, your tribe practically builds itself

…being confident in your ability to create stellar content that consistently attracts the right audience

…knowing how you stand apart from others in your industry and not being afraid of “losing” business to them

…feeling excited to work on your business because you know the exact steps you need to take in order to accomplish your goals

…waking up every day WHEN you want to, WHERE you want to, and not worrying about how you’re going to pay your bills



You’re capable of all that and more. So what’s getting in the way of your dreams?

Maybe you’re unintentionally sabotaging your business by putting off important tasks or relying on bursts of motivation to keep you going. Maybe you’re confused, overwhelmed, or scared. Maybe it’s all of the above.

Whatever it is that’s holding you back from getting to the next phase of your business—or even starting it—I can help you get over that hump. I can help you go from sitting on your ass to major ass-kicking.

I break down the foundational aspects of online business building into bite-size pieces, including:

Finding your perfect, profitable niche (using my easy and FREE market research techniques!)

Quickly pinpointing your ideal client

Creating a one-of-a-kind business identity using proven branding methods

Writing website copy that turns visitors into fans and paying clients (painlessly!)

Promoting your business with killer email marketing and social media campaigns that don’t take FOREVER to create

Packaging your offerings so they practically sell themselves

Using storytelling to connect, entice, persuade, and inspire

How to find and reel in clients as well as turn them into repeat buyers AND evangelists

Even how to overcome overwhelm, stop putting off important tasks, organize your business, manage your time, and so much more!

Part marketing maven, part branding wizard, and 100% relentless boss babe, I can help you launch and grow your online business. Ready?

Let's get your dream business off the ground today.

Choose your own adventure. Take action now!


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Ready to launch your biz and live on your terms? Let’s get crackin’!


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