5 Incredible TED Talks that Will Make You a Better Entrepreneur

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There’s a lot of advice out there to help you build a business. From content marketing tips, to social media strategies, to networking techniques and beyond. And I’ve done my fair share of reading and researching these very topics in order to become a better entrepreneur.

The truth is, though, there’s so much more to building a successful business than the tactical and operational stuff.

Like what, you ask?

This may get a few grumbles.

Things like…




I know that’s not what you want to hear when you’re trying to get your business off the ground, but these things seriously matter!

When I first started building my freelance business, I wanted strategy, I wanted an action plan, and I wanted to figure out all the nuts and bolts.

Don’t get me wrong—those things are important, too. But little did I know how much doing those things depended on alllll the other stuff: the mindset work, the drive, the commitment.

As I work on scaling my freelance business into something bigger, I’ve been doing a lot of work in those areas myself.

Here are 5 TED Talks I’ve found to be insanely inspiring and valuable, and hope you do, too.


How Great Leaders Inspire Action, by Simon Sinek

First off, you just have to love Simon Sinek. The guy presents ideas so clearly and compellingly. Secondly, this is such a fantastic talk to watch early in your business brainstorming days, or even later if you’re feeling stuck or uninspired.

Simon says we should start with our “why,” and provides a pretty convincing argument for doing so. Not only that, he shows you how and gives plenty of examples using famous thought leaders. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE examples for better understanding theories.

If you want to build a business you love and that you’re excited to wake up to work on every day, check out his TED Talk.


The Power of Vulnerability, by Brené Brown

I know, I know. “Vulnerability” is a hot button word these days. Everyone seems to be throwing it around: be more vulnerable; vulnerability is the key to success. And, of course, there are people on the other side saying “SHUT UP ALREADY ABOUT VULNERABILITY.”

If I’m being completely honest, I get both sides.

But I have to say, if you’re curious about all this vulnerability business, this TED Talk by Brené Brown is THE place to start. As entertaining as it is informative, Brené takes you through her research of human connection to help you understand what makes people “whole.”

Sound a bit mushy for you? I dare you to give it a watch anyway. It might just make you a more successful AND fulfilled entrepreneur and human.


Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are, by Amy Cuddy

Totally fun and backed up with lots of studies, Amy Cuddy show you exactly how body language can make you more or less successful. Even better, you can take the information she shares and start using it right away in your own life.

Different poses and ways of sitting, for example, can make you more confident and empowered. As an entrepreneur, you’re going to want to hone these skills so you can rock your business and increase your chances of success.

Don’t worry, this TED Talk isn’t just a step-by-step lesson in body language. Amy embellishes the performance with personal anecdotes and fun examples. Check it out and see for yourself!


The Puzzle of Motivation, by Dan Pink

Okay, Dan Pink is pretty funny, so this TED Talk is definitely an entertaining watch. However, what I love even more is that Dan dives into what motivates people—again, backed by numerous studies—and it’s not what you’d guess.

I don’t want to spoil the talk, so I won’t say too much, except that if you’re reading my blog, you probably have a creative mind and an independent spirit that, combined, make you crave entrepreneurship and dread the stifling 9-5.

In which case, Dan’s TED Talk is really going to resonate with you.


Inside the Mind of a Procrastinator, by Tim Urban

Ah, alas we come to what may be my all-time favorite TED Talk. Why? Well, it’s threefold, really.

One, this guy is hilarious and buzzing with energy. It’s hard not to get caught up in Tim Urban’s talk for those reasons alone. Two, he runs a super fun, successful blog, which…come on…that’s damn inspiring. And three, it’s all about procrastination, and that’s kind of my jam.

I mean, I’m a recovering procrastinator, and I’m only half joking. If you know what it’s like to slip farther and farther into the “I’ll do it tomorrow” rut, you’re all too familiar with the horrible ways chronic procrastination can impact your life.

Can you relate? If so, I highly recommend checking out Tim’s TED Talk. You might also consider signing up for my free Procrastinator’s Masterclass! Details below.


Get The Procrastinator’s Masterclass totally FREE with coupon code. Stop dreaming about building your business and finally start doing. This exact process helped me take massive action, build a six-figure work-from-home business, and live life on my terms.

Of course, it’s vital to learn the nuts and bolts of business and get systems in place for the all-important pieces like your website, contracts, and marketing strategies. But don’t make the mistake of overlooking the less tangible stuff—the stuff that empowers you to deal with unexpected challenges, persist through daily ups and downs, and beat back the notorious business killer: self-doubt.

There are tons of ways to glean the knowledge and insights you’re looking for to grow your business, including other TED Talks, books, and mentoring. Choose your favorite medium, or a combination of them, and start working that mental muscle.

What’s your all-time favorite TED Talk? Don’t have one? Share a book instead. I’d love to hear from you so I can check out some new brain-building material!


  1. Sarah

    Love it! Perfect for days in need of some inspiration, going to bookmark these now. Thank you 💜

    • Erin Sanchez

      Thanks for the kind words, Sarah! I hope you love these talks as much as I do 🙂

    • Erin Sanchez

      You’re most welcome! Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the talks you haven’t seen yet 🙂


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