Gain Control of Your Life and Business: How to Start Taking Massive Action

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Today, I’m going to stray from my usual path. Instead of business strategies, I want to talk about “taking action.” More specifically, why we often don’t take action…even when we know we should. Plus, we’ll cover how the choices we make profoundly impact every part of our lives and how you can start taking action NOW.

The Power of Choice

Before we can talk about taking action, we have to talk about the power of choice. Here are some general sentiments I’ve heard from people my whole life: “shit happens,” “the world is out to get me,” “nothing ever goes my way,” “I have the worst luck,” and on and on.

Hey, I’m guilty of this myself at times. I’ve been known to say “Technology hates me! If something can go wrong, it will.” But I often catch myself and try to shift that mindset.

The truth is, I could probably avoid a lot of tech issues by setting up regular data back-ups, performing cleanings according to schedule, or doing other required maintenance tasks.

We have more power and control over our lives than we like to believe. Life doesn’t just happen TO us. In ways both big and small, we can shape our lives and forge our own paths through the daily decisions and choices we make.

Taking Action and Its Consequences

It drives me absolutely crazy when people do nothing to attempt to change the trajectory of their lives if it’s going in an undesirable direction. When we choose not to take action—even when we know we should—the result is either a lack of progress towards our goals, or worse, a negative consequence.

Let me be clear: not taking action is a choice.

I have a friend who feels things “never go right” in her life. People are always taking advantage of her and screwing her over. But when those of us who care about her try to help create a pathway out of those situations, she chooses not to implement anyone’s advice. She avoids her problems instead of addressing them.

What’s the outcome? She’s always living in crisis mode. Always trying to pick up the rubble, but never fixing the foundation.

And it’s the same for your life and business, whether we’re talking about personal relationships or client contracts. It doesn’t matter. If you’re not taking action in any given area of your life, you’re setting yourself up for a lot of stress, subpar results, and even failure. (If you’re a procrastinator, you know exactly what I’m talking about!)

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Now, I know sometimes there are factors outside of one’s control that can seriously impact their life. Natural disasters, for instance. It’s unfair to tell someone they should’ve chosen to live somewhere else after their home is destroyed by a flood. Sometimes we are bound by circumstance.

Why We Don’t Take Action

So why do we do this? Why do we avoid taking action, even when it could save us a lot of time, money, heartache, and stress?

Quick disclaimer: I’m not a psychologist. However, I am educated, read frequently, and understand a lot about what motivates people (I do work in marketing, after all!).

Here’s what I think it boils down to… If we choose inaction, we don’t have to take personal responsibility for the outcome. If you choose to take action, but the outcome isn’t what you desired, doesn’t fully meet your expectations, or is a flat out failure, you have to own that. And guess what? We don’t like taking responsibility for shitty outcomes.


But there’s a huge risk in not taking action, even if the outcome is absolute shite.

You risk being stagnant. If you don’t take action, sure, you might maintain some short-term comfort. Ahhh, you didn’t fail at anything today. However, if you never experience a negative outcome or failure, you can’t learn from it, and therefore, you cannot redirect your course toward success.

Your short-term comfort becomes long-term stagnancy.

Besides, if you’re already in a bad situation, inaction isn’t going to fix anything, now is it?

How to Finally Take Action

You and I both know if you want to reach your business goals and achieve your dreams, you can’t keep blaming life for all that you don’t have. Life doesn’t just happen. You shape it; you create your future through deliberate choices and actions.

Here’s how to start taking massive action:

  1. Acknowledge your autonomy and full potential. Accept that you have the power of choice and that you can change the course of your life.

Do This: Cheesy as it may feel, practice telling yourself positive affirmations. Create mantras and repeat them to yourself in the mirror. Tell yourself every morning what you are capable of and what you can accomplish. If it’s possible for others, it’s possible for you.

  1. Own your fear of possible failure and learn to be okay with it. Know that all entrepreneurs land on the faces at times. The key is getting back up.

Do This: Make a plan. Setting yourself short-term and long-term goals can help you get over the “all or nothing” mindset. Failure is only “the end” if you don’t keep trying. Build back-up options and alternatives into your plan so when things don’t go exactly as desired, you can quickly switch gears and maintain your momentum.

  1. Be mindful of all the possible consequences and outcomes of taking or not taking action. Think about all the things that won’t come to fruition if you don’t take action (for example, you’ll never buy that house, take that trip, quit your job, etc.). Recognize those things, but don’t dwell on them.

Do This: Instead, create a vision board with everything you desire to achieve and acquire. Paste pictures that represent your dreams and goals on poster board and keep it somewhere you’ll see it daily. Let this serve as a reminder of what you’re working toward and why deliberate choices and actions are so critical.

Stop procrastinating and FINALLY launch your biz

My FREE Take Action checklist walks you through everything you need to do to set up your new business.

I’m not suggesting that things are ALWAYS 100% in your control, or that it’s going to be easy, or that everything will always go according to plan. There will be unforeseen roadblocks, variables, and hardships.

But if you choose to recognize your autonomy and harness the power choice, intentionality, and action-taking, so much more is possible than you’ve ever imagined.

We aren’t passive participants in the game of life. Stop letting fear, pride, and complacency rule your world and start taking action toward the life you deserve and desire.

What are some of the choices you can make to activate change in your life?  What action will you take TODAY to intentionally shift your course?


  1. Johnny

    Gret read. I’ve been guilty in the past of procrastinating. It’s of the areas in my life I’m trying to work hard on. I love this: ‘Be mindful of all the possible consequences and outcomes of taking or not taking action’ this is huge. Thank you

    • Erin Sanchez

      I’m so glad this resonated with you, Johnny! It’s an area of my life I work on daily–definitely a struggle. Thank you for commenting!


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