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I love helping people build businesses. You’re building a business.

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I’m Erin, and it’s my mission to help tenacious, kickass men and women stop punching a time clock and start living more purposeful, joy-filled lives.

It’s basically my civic duty.

Here’s the deal…

First and foremost, I’m a passionate writer and educator. I created this blog with the intention of becoming a go-to source for actionable marketing, branding, and productivity advice. My goal is to help other free spirits launch and grow location-independent businesses so they can flee the 9-5.

I firmly believe writing is a key skill that entrepreneurs should hone (and Harvard studies agree!). It can truly make or break your marketing and branding efforts. As such, I also help online business owners improve their writing and storytelling skills in ways that directly impact their bottom line.

Okay, let’s get you started on the right foot!


If you’re a total newbie to entrepreneurship…


…and a major procrastinator, start here: How Procrastination Cost Me at Least $150K (and how you can avoid making the same mistakes)

..and don’t have a clue where to start, read: 10 Essentials You Need in Place to Start an Online Business

…and want to build a business doing what you love, try this: Turn Your Passion into a Business: How to Find Your Niche in 3 Easy Steps


If you need to gain traction with marketing…


…and social media has you scratching your head, check out: 3 Powerful Ways You Should be Using Social Media for Business

…but you don’t know where to find clients, this is for you: How to Find Clients for Your Brand New Business

…but you’re scared shitless, read this: Is Fear of Self-Promotion Getting in the Way? How to Get Over It & Finally Start Growing Your Business (Pt. 1)


If you’re a self-doubting, overwhelmed hot mess…


…and you’re the master of excuses and blaming the word, head over to: Gain Control of Your Life and Business: How to Start Taking Massive Action

…and you’re afraid to say no to anyone and anything, you need: Learn to Say No: When to Turn Down “Good” Business Opportunities

…and you really want to get started, but you’re just not ready, maybe this will help: 5 Reasons to Start a Blog – Even Though You’re Not Ready

Or choose your own adventure!


Looking for actionable advice? Hop over to the blog!


Ready to launch your biz and live on your terms? Let’s get crackin’!


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Part business strategy, part self-development, and 100% relentless boss babe, I can help you launch and grow your online business. Ready?

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